"Quality education for the college bound student."

Paideia is now an indpenndant tutoring service.

Welcome to Paideia Academy Tutoring

It is with a great deal of regret that I must inform you that Paideia Academy Tutoring will be unable to hold classes in 2017-2018. To date, we only collected a handful of registrations, and from those registrations, there were only 3 classes that could have been viable.


Our teachers have been informed of this news and a few of them are preparing to hold private classes either in their homes or at other facilities. Also, there are a few local teachers who are offering similar classes to what Paideia had scheduled. In the upcoming week or two, I will have more specific information regarding our teachers and their classes. If you are interested in a particular class or teacher, you can email me privately and I can provide you with information or a contact email.


I want to help you as best I can with this transition, so I am happy to help guide you to other nearby alternatives and teachers. Feel free to contact me via email at smartgirlcapen@gmail.com.

Tutoring Services

I am able to offer a wide variety of services to the college bound student. Tutoring is available in the following subjects: pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, SAT and ACT preparation, college application review, and study skills.

Mission Statement

I envision a world where students are offered a chance at success. I will work with each student to ensure they reach their full potential and flourish academically.

Contact me: Telephone-703.606.0102   Email: smartgirlcapen@gmail.com