Paideia Academy Tutoring is not a school, is not accredited and does not maintain transcripts, attendance, or any other formal school records.  Classes are developed with the specific goal of preparing for college and Advanced Placement Examinations. Paideia students are homeschooled and, as such, parents will remain responsible to the state of Virginia for all matters relating to homeschool status.


Classes will meet once or twice a week in a Socratic/tutoring format. Students are expected to do the bulk of their work as part of their regular homeschool program and come to class prepared to cover the more difficult aspects of the material and participate in class discussions.




There will be two semester grades and a final grade issued. Paideia will happily provide formal letters of recommendation for colleges or school officials as needed provided the student maintains a B average in coursework. If student's average falls below a B, recommendations will be at the teacher's discretion. After semester grades are issued, parents will have an opportunity to schedule parent/teacher conferences.


AP Exams:

Students are responsible for their own AP Examination registrations and fees, as directed by College Board (CB) policy. Due to the recent trademark of the term "AP" by the CB, we are in the process of having our courses approved by the CB to be 'officially' recognized as AP. It is an ongoing process. All curriculum used in our AP prep courses is chosen from the CB's approved list and is used to provide college level academic work in preparation for the exam. Please direct any questions and/or concerns to Mrs. Capen or Mrs. Fisher.



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