Shakespeare will allow students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of not only the works of Shakespeare, but the literary elements he employed throughout his plays and sonnets. In addition to Shakespeare’s writings, students will explore the history and stories behind the plays, the development of his characters, and dramatic elements which influence the ways the plays have been staged over the years. Through reading, analysis, discussion, written work, and portrayal, students will be offered the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for Shakespeare’s work, his incomparable use of language, connect his characters and themes to other literary works, and begin to identify his continued influence in our literary world today.  Students will also have the opportunity to experience three of his plays LIVE – performed by the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC.


Art History w/ Studio


Analytical Essay Writing & Literature Analysis will work on the skills necessary for going beyond the 5-paragraph essay. Students will review the fundamentals of essay writing before learning methods for supporting their thesis statements with careful, thoughtful analysis. In addition to writing, students will be introduced to literary analysis. Time will be spent learning how a story is built and identifying important story elements and literary devices authors use to convey the meaning or message of the text. This is a class designed to help the student moving into college prep/AP classes. It can be taken in addition to other English courses offered at Paideia or as a standalone course.


Honors Psychology is for highly motivated Paideia Academy students. This course is taught from a Biblical worldview and will introduce students to the study of behavior and mental processes (thinking/feeling). We will be exploring many of the major fields of psychology which include: history of psychology, social psychology, research methods, biology of behavior, nature vs. nurture, gender, human development, personality, learning, cognition, emotion, stress and health and abnormal psychology. We will also spend time exploring the emerging area of positive psychology.


Intro to College Math


SAT Verbal (One Semester) (Grades 9-12) will cover the reading and writing portions of the SAT to include essay writing, grammar review and vocabulary development.  Paired with Omnibus II, this would constitute a complete English course.  We will use the official prep guide from the College Board in addition to a vocabulary and grammar text.


SAT Math (One Semester) (Grades 9-12) will be a review of mostly algebra and geometry in preparation for the SATs. I believe strongly that the math section represents a limited set of material that can be systematically reviewed and mastered. What is tough about the math SAT is many of the questions are asked somewhat different than in your standard high school text. That is where this class comes in. We will review material needed for the questions and practice, practice, practice the types of questions commonly seen on the SAT. Students must have completed algebra and geometry for this course to be of benefit. Completion or current enrollment in at least algebra 2 is recommended. Students will be provided a study plan and there will be regular homework to include practice tests.


Computer Information Systems (One semester) (Grades 9-12) is a college preparatory high school computer technology lab class.  This is NOT a programming class.  Colleges today expect students to be comfortable with integrating technology into traditional curriculum.  Students are also expected to learn how to work collaboratively to solve problems.  Students need to be able to make presentations using these software programs that are appealing, interesting as well as scholarly.  The course will cover Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote.  Additional training will be on internet research and using common research sites and Google software.   The goal is to gain confidence in using common software programs for integration across the curriculum and particularly research projects in preparation for what is expected at the college level.  Class will consist of predominantly collaborative lab work learning how to work with existing practice files as well as how to conduct their own research.  Students will generate several small research projects of their own choosing to include possibly science, math, history and English.  Projects prepared in this class may be used for other courses at Paideia and elsewhere.



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