2017-2018 Full Year Registration Is Now Open!

Click here for our  Participation Agreement. To register, fill out pages 5-8 and mail them in with your first payment to : Paideia Academy Tutoring, PO Box 64, Catharpin, VA 20143-0064.

Full Year Registration & Facility/Activity Fee:

The Registration Fee is $35 per student.

The Facility/Activity Fee is $150 per family.


These fees help cover administration costs, help offset the rental costs associated with our contractual obligations, to help fund student activities, and include one T-shirt per student registered. These fees are non-refundable and are due at time of registration.



Full Year Tuition:

Tuition will be determined by the number of class hours a student takes per week, ‘HPW’.

$350.00 HPW for classes meeting for the full school year.

$175.00 HPW for classes meeting for one semester.


The First Payment is non-refundable and will be due at time of registration. This includes 10% of Total Tuition + Registration Fee + Facility/Activity Fee.



The Remaining Total Tuition Payment Due after the first payment, can be paid in full or broken into 10 payments. Subsequent payments will be due the 1st of each month thereafter. An invoice with the remaining balance and payment plan will be emailed to each family in August with the next payment due September 1st.


Full Year - Dropping a Class:

The last day to drop a class without penalty of paying for the full year is September 21, 2017. Please remember the 10% due at time of registration is non-refundable.


Payments are spread out as a courtesy to families. Should a family choose to drop a course after September 21, 2017, , the full year’s tuition is still expected. Costs and class sizes are intentionally small and resources are frequently planned and allocated prior to the start of the course based on expected enrollment so refunds are not possible.


 Students asked to leave for conduct or academic honesty issues will also not be afforded a refund and tuition for the full course is expected.


Payments are accepted by cash or check. Any returned check fee will be the responsibility of the family.



Full Year Additional Class Fees:

Each class may have an additional fee to offset printing costs or materials. In the event of a field trip, the student is responsible for travel expenses.  Please check with the individual instructor for further information.



Contact us: Telephone-703.606.0102   Email: paideiaacademy.va@gmail.com     Mailing Address: PO Box 64 Catharpin, VA 20143-0064