Pre-Algebra is a preparatory high school mathematics class.  Pre-Algebra is a foundational middle school math course your student will take as all follow-on math courses use the skills mastered at this level.  The course will cover mathematical expressions using variables, order of operations, exponents, finding solutions to equations, sums/ differences/multiplication/division of positive and negative numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers, square roots, word problems, ratio, proportions, percents, equations and the coordinate plane, graphing systems in the coordinate plane, using right triangles and, if time permits an introduction to statistics and probability (mean, median, mode, range).


Algebra 1 is a college preparatory high school mathematics class.  Algebra I is the foundational high school math course your student will take as all follow-on math courses use the skills mastered at this level.  The course will cover pre-algebra review, working with real numbers, solving equations (linear and non-linear), polynomials, factoring polynomials, fractions, introduction to functions, systems of linear equations, inequalities, rational and irrational numbers, graphing of linear equations and quadratic functions.


Algebra 2 is a college preparatory high school mathematics class.  The course will cover Algebra 1 review, inequalities and proof, linear equations and functions, products and factors of polynomials, rational expressions, irrational and complex numbers, quadratic equations and functions, variation and polynomial equations, analytic geometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, sequence and series, triangle trigonometry, trigonometric graphs and identities, trigonometric applications, statistics and probability, matrices and determinants.


Geometry is college preparatory high school mathematics class. Using a traditional Euclidean approach, this course begins with logic and reasoning before moving on to such themes as definitions, postulates and theorems. Primary topics include points, lines, angles, triangles, inequalities, quadrilaterals, polygons, basic trigonometry, circles, area, solid geometry, coordinate geometry, and constructions. Practical applications and word problems will aid in understanding how geometry is used int he real world. Mental math and problem solving as required on standardized tests are included. Formal proofs are used throughout.


Pre-Calculus is a college preparatory math course… not just for those planning on taking Calculus in the future. Yes, your student can succeed in Pre-Calculus! This class has the premise that all students can be successful in Pre-Calculus…. Not just those pursuing math/science careers. Pre-Calculus will strengthen previous mass study as well as be extremely valuable for SAT prep. Students will use the Sabouri brothers’ Teaching Textbooks-Pre-calculus as a base text for this course. It allows independent work on the days class does not meet and is an excellent foundation. We will work the more difficult problems in class and review the tougher parts of the lecture. Students do not need to purchase the CDS for this course. Instructor will provide a weekly schedule and grade all tests. Parents are asked to ensure homework is completed and proctor tests.


AP Calculus


AP Statistics



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