Scientific Methodology (Grades 8-9) is a college preparatory course designed for success at all levels of biology, chemistry, and physics. Students will gain and utilize Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) skills to apply logical thought, creativity, and multiple perspectives to scientific problems. The course will employ a Pre-Engineering textbook and a blend of discussions,  activities, laboratory exercises, research assignments, and projects to enable learning. Topics will include the principles and processes of engineering, connections to mathematics and the sciences, and the varying disciplines of engineering and science. An emphasis is placed on sparking an interest in higher education and careers in STEM.


Biology I (Grades 9-10)  is designed to be the student’s first introduction to high school science. This class will meet weekly with an alternating focus on lecture and laboratory work. The student is expected to read and study the information before class. Along with the information, the class will focus on learning methods and good study habits. The instructor will provide reading and homework assignments and will grade tests and lab work/notebooks.


AP Biology is a college level high school biology course. The course fulfills one high school science credit with a lab. The course will focus on preparing the student to take the AP Biology test. If an acceptable score (determined by the student's college of interest) is achieved on the AP Biology test, a college credit may also be earned. The course merges rigor with creativity and provides a setting that encourages the student to learn through scientific inquiry and developement of lab skills. Course material covered includes: molecules, cellular biology, cell division, molecular genetics, evolution, phylogenetic classification, botany, zoology and ecology. This course will include at least 8-12 labs that will consist of the following: artificial selection, Hardy-Weinberg mathematical modeling, comparing DNA sequences using BLAST, plant studies (photosynthesis, cellular respiration, Mendelian genetics), cell division and interactions of energy dynamics, environmental variables and the rates enzymatic reactions


Chemistry is a high school level chemistry course. The course fulfills one high school science credit with a lab. The course will focus on the following: measurement and units; energy, heat and temperature; atoms and molecules; classifying matter; chemical equations; stoichiometry. This course will include multiple labs that will explore and identify substances of which matter is composed; investigation of their properties and the how they interact, combine, and change; and the use of these processes to form new substances.


AP Chemistry


Physics is a challenging college preparatory high school science class.  The course will cover motion in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws, uniform circular motion and gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, Coulomb’s Law and electric fields, electric potential, electric circuits and magnetism.  Class will consist of predominantly lab work with extra time devoted to problem review.


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